The Land of Morning Calm

You know how there are some places you travel to which just happens to capture your heart? Beautiful beach, friendly people, warm smiles everywhere and most importantly halal food. My husband is someone who needs proper food when we travel whereas I sit on the other extreme, anything goes. My only regret was i wish i spent more time in Busan rather than Seoul. We could have easily spent a week in Busan and no doubt its a place we would definitely go back to in the near future.

Haeundae Beach
Haeundae was where we stayed for the three nights and only reason why we chose this location was cause there was three halal eateries just nearby the hotel. Walk down the street and you would find Punjab Indian Restaurant and Hello India Al-Waha. Further down the street and you would a kebab pushcart stall which opens as early at 9am. Most of our meals were here because the food was not too bad. However, each meal came up to at least SGD$60.

While in Korea (both Busan & Seoul) i went crazy with the cafes. Every 200m, you will find a cafe, but i must tell you that not all, or none of them are halal. Just below my hotel there was cafe bene and we had our caramel latte and cheese bread for one of the mornings. The cafe did not sell any pork/ham hence we did not mind eating their bread. Starbucks was also just 5 mins away. We found a unique waffles cafe called the Waffle Khan which was located at Jung-gu district.

On our last night in Busan, we bumped into a halal restaurant called Little India.The cheese naan and prawn briyani were both really good for the cold weather however the service was extremely bad. We were served by a terribly rude and an uninterested Chinese lady. We wondered if she could be the lady boss. The restaurant was totally empty, not sure if it was cause we went in around 9pm.


Gwangali Beach
The road to Gwangali beach was a memorable one. We went in search of the cherry blossoms and that was how we stumbled upon this beautiful beach which had an iconic lighthouse.

The walk to this beach was an extremely long one but what we saw along the way was really indeed priceless. The strawberries we saw were full of fragrance, extremely red and JUICY!

I really could not get enough of this place for it was really nature at its beauty.


Big Cat wanted to try fishing and because of that we stalled here for an hour.

Gamcheon Cultural Village
This tourist attraction place is formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning this village the nickname of “Machu Picchu of Busan.” Usually Tourists would grab a cab but abnormal traveler like me would rather hike up cause there is nothing i would want to miss seeing along the way, and that was exactly what we did. Despite the cold, we were perspiring and Big Cat cursed and swore at me literally for putting him through this ordeal. Now that i think about it, i cant help but laugh!


Hwamyeong Ecological Park
We chanced upon this place because Big Cat wanted to try another place for his fishing. As it was his birthday trip, i gave in to all his “i want to fish here” requests. I was thankful for being as such because this place turned out to be another hidden jem which did not appear in any of our google research.

The weather was about 3 degrees at the spot where Big Cat was attempting to fish. Literally cold to my bones and i could no longer feel my fingers.


And i had a fair share of my own vanity shot as well